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Universities nationwide are always in search of a better way to match current and prospective students with research opportunities. However, the typical user interface implemented in university advertisement is not as user-friendly as may have been intended. In creating a new interface, we are attempting to simplify all the wonderful ideas set in place by previous applications, without the bulky, time consuming, and confusing setups of these prior applications.Project Glasswall will reinvent the way students interact with university research resources. In order to see the project to its full potential, a proof-of-concept is the key aim, as most background programming necessary for the project is beyond common understanding, and misses the concept behind Glasswall. The project is designed in a way to allow the user to see into a building (the "research department") as if its walls were made of glass. By looking in on these labs, the user can explore the labs; this breaks down into information on the lab staff, useful literature on the research topic, a synopsis of the research conducted in the lab, projections of any animations related to the research, and certain types of equipment used in the course of the research.Project Glasswall has the capability to inform current and prospective students of the research opportunities available to them within the university. In addition, Project Glasswall will promote collaboration both within a given university and with affiliate universities. A user interface such as this could change how we understand university-student interaction, and could improve said communication.

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Project Glasswall: A Better University User Interface