Marcia Mills Nehring



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Since 9/11, more is known in the field of College Student Affairs about how to support military students who transition into college. Engaging these nontraditional students in service learning and volunteerism has shown to influence career choice, increase completion rates, and strengthen community partnerships (Sims, 1989; Travor & Kates, 2014). With higher numbers of unemployment rates for this population, the purpose of this qualitative narrative research study is to explore the perspectives of military students and staff at a Community College in mid-western Ohio, whose career choices were influenced by volunteerism and service learning. The primary investigator used a confidential interview protocol. The findings could inform future studies and encourage community buy-in to engage military personnel in nonprofit activities that may influence their future career choices. Waddell (2011) says, “The significance of entire concept of community service or service learning is directly linked to their military core value of mission first and service before self” (p.18). This study adds to that conversation.

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Graduate Research

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Savio Dennis Franco

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Counselor Education


Stander Symposium project, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences

Agents of Change: Influence of Service Learning and Volunteerism on Career Choice among Military Personnel