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There are various forms of technology that can benefit English Language Learners’ (ELLs) success in the classroom. This literature review explores three forms of technology: interactive white boards, iPads, and computer technology and how these forms of technology can impact ELL students in the classroom. Interactive white boards can be used to provide images and videos to help ELLs learn vocabulary terms, as well as giving the entire class the same opportunity to engage with technology. When ELLs use iPads, they can work at their own pace and use a variety of features on the iPad to support their learning, such as a translator. Computer technology supplements the learning of ELLs because of a wide range of available software and computer programs. The ability to use technology to advance learning also provides motivation and new experiences for the students to keep them engaged. However, teachers must ensure that the technology is enhancing the learning of the ELL students. Some issues that teachers might face include a lack of resources, difficulty incorporating the technology into the curriculum, and language barriers when students try to understand instructions while using the technology.

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The Importance of Technology in the Classroom for English Language Learners