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Every year, students who have just graduated high school blithely begin their journeys through postsecondary education, some choosing two-year colleges, some embarking on degree paths at four-year institutions, and others choosing military service, apprenticeships, or work. The purpose of this mixed methods, group comparison study is two-fold: (a) to examine the difference between the pre and post Brief Calling Scale scores of high school seniors and juniors (n = 37) exposed to the Ikigai/Vocation discussion workshop, and (b) to evaluate the influence of the Ikigai/Vocation discussion workshop on the postsecondary decisions of these students. The findings of this study increase our understanding of how student development relates to postsecondary decisions after being exposed to a Vocation workshop utilizing the Japanese concept of Ikigai and the intersection of Character Strengths -- 24 traits that all individuals possess in varying degrees.

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Graduate Research

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Savio Dennis Franco

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Counselor Education


Stander Symposium poster


Presenter: Julie M Huckaba

High School Students + Vocation Education = Better Decisions?A Mixed Methods, Group Comparison Study of Students at a Midwestern, Suburban High School