Karin Elaine Forsthoefel



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There is a high prevalence of anxiety and depressive related disorders among adolescents ages 13-18 in the United States, and these statistics do not include the undiagnosed experiences of anxiety and depression that are typical during adolescence. This case study examines the supports provided for students experiencing anxiety and depression in two Catholic high schools. The aims of the study were to collect a list of strategies and interventions being used in Catholic high schools to address the needs of high school students experiencing anxiety and depression, and to investigate the use of mentoring opportunities through which teacher-student relationships can be developed. Faculty and staff members were surveyed and interviewed to gather specific information about strategies and mentoring opportunities employed. Themes among the data include the teacher roles of seeking knowledge, collaborating with parents and staff, modeling healthy coping strategies, and creating supportive environments to foster student openness.

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Honors Thesis

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Mary Catherine Sableski

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium project

Mentoring Strategies for the Support of High School Students Experiencing Anxiety and Depression: A Case-Study of Two Catholic High Schools