Kyle Alexander Lach



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The presence of porosity is a well known and difficult-to-avoid defect in laminated composite materials. Excessive porosity can significantly reduce the mechanical properties of composite structures and is therefore a source of concern. In this study we investigated methods of preparing fiberglass/epoxy composite panels with the goal of being able to control the amount of porosity in the final panel, e.g. some panels with low porosity, some with high porosity. The panels were then tested for short beam shear strength, which is a property that is usually heavily influenced by interlaminar porosity. Our results indicated that, for the material system tested, the strength values were reduced only when the amount of porosity achieved a very high level. This implies that a low level of porosity can be tolerated with this material system.

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Independent Research

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Charles E. Browning, Donald A. Klosterman

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Chemical Engineering


Stander Symposium project

The Effect of Porosity on Short Beam Shear Strength of Fiberglass Composites