Semester of Service at Adventure Central


Semester of Service at Adventure Central




Adventure Central is an after school program that encourages environmental education and appreciation. Through the Semester of Service program at UD, two group leaders were hired to work full time at Adventure Central. Semester of Service participants are acquiring experience in lesson planning and educating elementary aged school children. Adventure Central is located in West Dayton and caters to Dayton City School students. There is no where else in the country that rivals Adventure Central's success in after school programming. Adventure Central is possible through partnerships with Five Rivers Metroparks, The Ohio State University and 4-H . Semester of Service participants have their own classroom to maintain and plan for. Students at Adventure Central range from six to 18 years old. Adventure Central promotes positive youth development in the West Dayton community.

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Course Project

Primary Advisor

Castel V Sweet

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Fitz Center - Community Engaged Learning


Stander Symposium poster


Presenter: Caroline Marie Shepherd

Semester of Service at Adventure Central