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This quantitative survey-based study explores whether or not there is a statistically significant correlation between final-year high-school GPA and first-semester college GPA among undergraduate students at the University of Dayton. The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not a final high school GPA is related to success in college. It is not rare for high school students to believe their GPA in high school directly relates to their ability to succeed in college; as a high school teacher, I believe this is incorrect. We put so much stress on high school GPA only for some students to be under-prepared when arriving at college. This study also explores the difference between students' first-semester college GPAs based on their self-identification as (a) not at all confident, (b) somewhat confident, (c) confident, or (d) very confident about being successful in college before they started as undergraduates at the University of Dayton.

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Graduate Research

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Savio Dennis Franco

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Counselor Education


Stander Symposium project, student affairs, School of Education and Health Sciences

Final High School GPA, What's the Big Deal?