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Historical Ecology is a discipline that pieces together human land use, environmental factors, and forest dynamics over the course of a historical timeframe to better understand the current ecology of a region and point us in the direction of accurate restoration. This is the mindset in which the study of Glen Helen, a one thousand acre region in Yellow Springs, owned by Antioch College, has been approached. Frances Albanese and Graduate student Sean Goins, under the direction of Dr. McEwan, have pieced together the rich and complex forest dynamics and human history of this beautiful region. What may appear to be an old growth forest has functioned as a vacation and health resort, served as a stage coach road, provided land for agriculture and orchards, and even played host to a short-lived cult Commune as recently as the late 1800âs. In congruence with this knowledge is the intricate analysis of tree ring data from the property, with samples that are over 300 years old. This multidimensional approach allows one to appreciate the beauty of the region, and understand more fully how human history and the forest itself can direct restoration.

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Research exercise: An Ecological and Historical Perspective on the Glen Helen Region of Yellow Springs