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The Social Justice Sophomore Learning and Living Cohorts mission is to improve literacy in the Miami Valley. As a member of the cohort, I was trained to tutored adults by the non-profit organization Project READ. Project READ is a truly inspiring organization whose mission is to build skilled workers, strong families, and healthy communities. I was placed in an adult class in Kettering Ohio where students were from countries such as Mexico, Russia and Iraq. All of the students were learning English for the first time most of them knew very little to no English when they moved to the United States. Some students wanted to learn better English skills in order to find a job and others just wanted to be able to communicate with other English speakers. I worked as an assistant to Holly Elkins-Lopez, a full time Project Read teacher. I assisted her by giving students more individualized assistance. I was able to help the students sound out words, build vocabulary and understand grammar. I got the opportunity to learn and understand other people's culture through volunteering. I also connected this experience with the Marianist ideals of lead, learn, and serve by leading others in becoming literate in the English language, learning about other cultures and serving my community through tutoring. It was very rewarding to watch all the students make major progress in learning the English language.

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Improving Literacy in the Miami Valley