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This study relates to previous research done to find out why women engineers leave engineering. It is said that women make up more than 20% of engineering school graduates and yet only 11% of practicing engineers are women, despite various efforts to address the gender gap. Through research, it has been found that many women engineers move from manufacturing and other engineering facilities to service industries such as Healthcare. The purpose of this research is to take the past research done and find out if women engineers working in Healthcare face the same issues as the women engineers in manufacturing or similar environment. 58% of the Healthcare companies are non-profit, 22% are owned by government and 20% are investor owned. There are about 3100 hospitals in Health systems in the United States. Healthcare centers in the United States will be contacted through e-mail, LinkedIn or by appointment. The research topic will be discussed with the management/HR teams at each center to see if they are interested to participate in this study. A survey has been created to distribute to the participating centers. The target respondents for this study are women with an undergraduate degree in engineering but will also use other men and women currently working in Healthcare. We are expecting over 30 Healthcare centers to participate and will compare results of those who never entered engineering field to women who had worked in an engineering field in the past. The survey results will be collected through Google Forms and the results will be compared to the findings in previous research articles.

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Graduate Research

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Sandra L. Furterer

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Engineering Management Systems and Technology


Stander Symposium project

Leadership and Diversity of Professionals Working in Healthcare