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The goal is this project is to compare the dynamic characteristics of alternative linkages for a mechanical press. Mechanical presses are the most common machine used in the mass production of sheet metal parts. Forming sheet metal parts, such as a car door or a tin can, involves striking a flat piece of metal with a die that shapes the part and punctures holes. A conventional press uses a slider-crank linkage and flywheel to provide a high energy strike for a short time period. A motor delivers torque to a flywheel that in turn, provides the rated capacity (tonnage) during the strike. Certain operations, such as deep drawing, require a longer dwell time than is possible with the slider-crank design. Various alternative linkages are proposed that have the ability to provide long dwell times. A dynamic analysis of each linkage is essential to understand motor demands, joint loads, and efficient design options. The linkage analyses are performed using SolidWorks multi-body dynamic simulation software.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Graduate Research

Primary Advisor

Andrew P Murray, Dave Harry Myszka

Primary Advisor's Department

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Stander Symposium poster


Presenter: Hardik Hasmukhbhai Viradiya

Dynamic Analysis of Alternative Mechanical Press Linkages