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The identification and quantification of chemical compounds in a mixture aids in the analysis of a broad range of processes ranging from chemical separation processes to biological separations. In an effort to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration across Units and Departments within the University of Dayton, we seek to understand and develop Gas Chromatography (GC) and Headspace-GC (HS-GC) analytical methods for use both in the classroom and research. The overall goal of this research is to present a summary and explanation of the variables that are manipulated in a GC equipment for the development of characterization methods. Calibration curves will be used to quantify compounds from different samples. Specifically, the methods and calibrations will focus on: (1) analyzing ethanol content in aqueous and organic mixtures, which ultimately can be applied to chemical engineering unit operations such as distillation and fermentation; (2) characterizing the efficiency of liquid-liquid extraction processes, which will be characterized using HS-GC; and (3) a biological application towards characterizing SCFA (short chain fatty acids) content in Listeria metabolites present in mice feces. This is an interdisciplinary project scheduled for this coming summer with Dr. Sun of the Biology Department, along with Dr. Vasquez of the Chemical Engineering Department. Ultimately, this research will culminate in an Honors Thesis that will help to obtain various GC methods for a variety of processes.

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Independent Research

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Yvonne Y. Sun, Erick Vasquez

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Chemical Engineering


Stander Symposium project

Applications of Gas Chromatography with Headspace Autosampler