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The Sophomore Social Justice Learning and Living Cohort (SSJLLC)is an opportunity for students to get involved with many aspects of social justice whether it is at the local, regional, national, or global level. Immigration is one of the greatest challenges and highly contested issues facing our democracy today. There are several issues that confront the people wishing to immigrate to the United States. I personally explored these issues by participating in The Immigration and Refugee Plunge sponsored by the UD Center for Social Concern. This plunge was designed to give participants a better look at the process and the problems many foreign nationals face navigating the United States Immigration Service. I will be reflecting on the principles and practices of the system; the benefits of the current system; the negative aspects of the process; and, how maintaining the current system can impact immigration and our democracy.

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Independent Research

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Lori G. Phillips-Young

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Stander Symposium poster

Understanding Issues Facing Foreign Nationals Navigating the US Immigration Service