Electronic communication and social media in organizations


Electronic communication and social media in organizations



Shuo Du, Patrick Flynn Duggan, Micaela H Foley, James M Gates, Michael Dean Glaser, Katie Elizabeth Hathaway, Cameron Michael Hendershot, Daniel Patrick Kelly Jennrich, David Philip Kelley, Tillie Jean Kummerer, Carl J Legrett, Xiaoli Li, Kevin James Lynch, Mario Mathew Manta, Heather Elizabeth May, Ashley Elizabeth Mercs, Stephanie Adele Moline, P.J. Anthony Randazzo, Jack William Reilley, Jack D Schafer, Robert Conway Smyjunas, Xuanheng Wang, Conor Patrick Wood


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



Students in ENG 372 Business & Professional Writing classes participated in a virtual business professional project that involves almost 600 students in 96 teams from 14 universities in 7 countries. All teams were asked to identify an organization that has a robust online presence, such as a web page, Facebook page, Twitter feed, customer blog, and so on. Then the team analyzed the quality of these mechanisms in terms of building and maintaining the organization’s reputation. They identified major conclusions about this company’s online presence. Finally they wrote a report that introduces the organization and its online communication tools, provides an analysis of its online presence, and offers recommendations for improvements. They evaluated the company’s reputation (built in or bolted on) and provided evidence for their conclusions. The report identified whether the organization is conveying its core values through its social media use and provide recommendations how the company can improve its online presence that address each of the conclusions. This project emphasizes the development of critical-thinking, cross-cultural communication in global contexts, and virtual collaboration and team-building skills.

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Course Project

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Xiaoli Li

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Stander Symposium project

Electronic communication and social media in organizations