Public Memory: The Monuments and Memorials of UD


Public Memory: The Monuments and Memorials of UD



Jen Mayrena Agudelo, Essa Alhamer, Lillian Margaret Dickman, Andrew Patrick Gross, John Martin Harmon, Brandon Michael Heath, Leah S Henkel, Seth Christian Hill, Kristen Hisek, Mitchell Christopher Honious, Tyler Andrew Johnson, Trent E Jones, Kelly Ann Katis, Kristine Anne Kearney, Liza Christine Lutz, Taylour W McMullen, Katie Katherine Parker, Matthew John Pins, Ryan Darnell Scott, Cassandra L Secrease, Micheal John Sheridan, Sophia Jane Tokar, Marcel J Tworek, Ying Wang, Adam Steven Wicks, Joseph J Wilson


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



The Pubic Memory themed section of SSC200 was tasked with proposing monuments and/or memorials needed on campus at The University of Dayton. Five groups of five students each conducted survey, observational, and archival research to choose subjects connected to the UD culture and deemed worthy of commemoration. Through careful consideration of concerns related to public memory, identity, culture, and materiality, each group created and designed either a monument or memorial fitting the memory of their chosen subject. Groups will be able to explain their designs, rationale, and processes culminating in their final course project for SSC200.

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Course Project

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Cassandra L. Secrease

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Stander Symposium project

Public Memory: The Monuments and Memorials of UD