Krishna Sai Phaneendar Mullapudi


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Homefull, formerly The Other Place, was founded in1988 in Dayton, Ohio and has grown to meet the challenging needs of the community in service to homeless persons. Through UD’s Semester of Service Program, this semester I have volunteered to work for Homefull as an IT intern. During my time at Homefull, I have assisted the employees with their every day tech needs and troubleshooting their issues with computers. As a Computer Science major, I have dedicated my time here shadowing different employees and made suggestions to make their work easier. I am also working on building an interface to quickly and efficiently search through different organizations such as food Pantries that will help our clients. I have had a chance to travel across different sites that Homefull serves and learn more about American society by meeting different people. It has been only one year for me in the USA and I am thankful to SOS that I was able to learn many things through this program, that my four walls classroom would have never taught me.

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Course Project

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Castel V. Sweet

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Fitz Center - Community Engaged Learning


Stander Symposium project

Semester of Service at Homefull