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This project will study the effects of orally consumed sports drinks on physical performance on field-based tests. Dehydration happens quickly during intense exercise in hot, humid environments. Mild dehydration, noticed by a 2% drop in body weight, can cause a decrease in performance. Intense dehydration, a 10% drop in body weight, causes death. Because athletes and military personnel experience dehydration on a regular basis, having a better understanding of the best sports drinks will lead to better rehydrating programs and potentially save lives. Most sports drinks contain carbohydrates and ions to refuel the body after it burns through its endogenous stores. Gatorade, the most popular commercially available drink, is mostly table sugar, salt, and potassium. This study will into how if CeraSport can prevent dehydration better than Gatorade. CeraSport is not commercially available and uses rice-sugar instead of table sugar. By putting athletic, college-aged men through a series of field tests over three consecutive weekends and feeding them just an ion drink with no sugar, Gatorade, and CeraSport, will help demonstrate if there is a difference in performance. After a 12-hour fast, all participants will be given a standardized breakfast then will run for 90 minutes will a 40-pound pack, do sets of push-ups, a 40-yard dash, vertical leap and finally, run a mile. During this, weight, and urine output will be measured. Each weekend the participants will be given a different drink and who receives what will be randomized throughout the trials. To make sure all participants are fit enough to complete the protocol, they will be pre-screened with a body-fat percentage measured and endurance test.

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Project Designation

Honors Thesis

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Jon K. Linderman

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium project

The Effects of Oral Rehydration Solutions (Sports Drinks) on Strength, Speed, and Endurance - A Field Study