Brandon Mckenzie Hampshire



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The Vision Lab has many projects that involves data collection from various sensors. These sensors can vary by platform and programming language. In order to centralize data collection, the Robot Operating System (ROS) is applied to the Clearpath Husky robot. The Husky is made for multi-terrain transport and can be modified to carry multiple sensors. The Robot Operating System is not an operating system but is a network centralized library. ROS provides background services and different language libraries that allow sensors and languages to communicate to a common location. In addition, the libraries can let the user to receive data from the central network thus allowing multiple cross language platform communication. An application of these components can assist in data collection for environment 3D reconstruction. Environment 3D reconstruction requires depth imagery, RGB imagery, and orientation of the camera. The Husky provides estimated orientation to ROS and ROS supports the Microsoft Kinect. With open source coding, the Husky can be coded to collect the necessary data for 3D reconstruction.

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Independent Research

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Vijayan K. Asari

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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Stander Symposium project

Mobile Sensor Lab