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A quarterback is often seen as the key component to a winning football team. This study is meant to evaluate the quarterback only skills and how effective they are in increasing winning percentage over 11 years across all 32 NFL teams in the regular season. Longitudinal modeling is used to evaluate each variable independently of one another to see how they affect winning percentage when incorporated into the same model. This research will also compare to a previous model I developed for a previous class. The hope is to take up to 10 different variables and see which variables are significant in increasing winning percentage for the team. It will also show if over time variables become more or less significant as the previous model was only capable of holding 4 years of data compared to the revised model of 11 years. The model is meant to see which skills are significant to increasing winning percentage. Which will narrow the scope of a quarterback on what skills to work on for the greatest results. Ultimately it is meant to show the meaningful work that a quarterback actually puts in to helping his team win.

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Capstone Project

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Ying-Ju Chen

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Stander Symposium project

Statistical Analysis of the Effectivity of A Quarterback to Increase Winning Percentage Over Time