Technology in the Classroom


Technology in the Classroom



Grazia Maria Dipierro, Jordan N McCormick, Bridget Frances Vaughn


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



The growing use of technology in the classroom has prompted studies to determine how technology affects the quality of a student’s education. There are benefits and risks that come with using one to one technology, online textbooks, and online classrooms that can have varied impacts on student learning and development. One to one technology, including its implementation, can influence student-teacher relationships and the overall effectiveness of technology in the classroom. Online resources, especially textbooks, have proven to be controversial tools for students. Some students complain about eye strain and the need to print online texts in order to learn, while others appreciated the decreased price tag of online resources. Studies show that online learning can contribute to feelings of isolation and a lack of belonging as students are unable to develop the same tactile relationships with teachers and other students as is possible in a traditional classroom. As society moves away from traditional classroom learning and increasingly relies on technology, the effects of online learning and resources must be examined in order to ensure a quality education for each student.

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Course Project

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Jennifer T. Christman, Susan M. Ferguson

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium project

Technology in the Classroom