Madison Johanna Spicuzza, Emily M Sreenan


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process.



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One recent topic of controversy in the United States is the idea of “school choice” and whether the benefits of giving families the ability to choose any type of school truly outweighs the drawbacks. Financial stratification within school choice leads to lower income families and minority groups being limited in their choices, even if a child may benefit from a different type of school or type of education specifically. This project outlines the academic benefits and drawbacks, as well as the financial implications for families desiring to utilize school choice. It also examines Montessori education as an example of one option in school choice. Specifics of this type of schooling will be identified, such as the emotional benefits of having it as a choice for many students who would thrive under the individualized environment. However, the financial costs and demographics are also included to shed light on the possible discrimination of the choice system. Using Montessori education as an example aims to demonstrate the possible controversy regarding the idea of school choice, and whether there truly is a choice for all.

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Course Project

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Jennifer T. Christman, Susan M. Ferguson

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium project

School Choice