Expert Systems: Sentimental Analysis

Expert Systems: Sentimental Analysis



Kavyasri Kotireddy, Saranya Mohan



Sentimental Analysis, a research technique for analyzing the textual content on the internet.Text mining is process of examining humongous unstructured text into structured data for analysis. It has become very evident that customer reviews are a great source of marketing.These reviews heavily influence the buying decision of the people in addition to look and feel of the product. They also influence the purchase and business decisions made by the organizations. However, spammers intentionally mislead the customers from a particular product thereby prohibiting the organizations from reshaping their businesses. In this poster, an in-depth analysis of customer reviews has been implemented by taking a sample data set using text mining and an insight to the spam detection models.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research

Primary Advisor

Jim P. Buckley

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Computer Science


Stander Symposium project

Expert Systems: Sentimental Analysis