Hassan Ali Alsaad



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Since most of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) systems have been isolated from public networks, there have not been a colossal needs to secure them. However, in most of today's applications such as Experimental Physics and Industrial Control Systems (EPICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) system are getting connected to the internet without paying attention to the security robustness of these devices. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) such as SCADA, DCS, PLCs are communicating with industrial equipment such as actuators, sensors, motors, and pumps using a special communication protocol called Modbus. For remote applications, multiple PLCs can be connected to each other to form a controlling network that uses Modbus / TCP communication protocol utilizing private/public networks. This research focuses on examining the security vulnerability of the Modbus/TCP protocol. To achieve this goal the researcher utilizes Modbus PLC simulator to simulate different cyber attacks through the local network. The cyber attacks have been formed using the MBTGET Perl script and Metasploit module, in Kali Linux penetration testing operating system. Our research shows some of the major security vulnerability in the Modbus/TCP protocol, which is one of the main communication protocols ICS system.

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Graduate Research

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Mohammadjafar Esmaeili

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Engineering Management Systems and Technology


Stander Symposium project

The security robustness of Modbus/TCP protocol in industrial control systems