UD Public Memory: The Unsung Flyers Project


UD Public Memory: The Unsung Flyers Project




The Public Memory themed section of SSC200 was tasked with proposing a monument/memorial for a lesser known person connected to the UD community, a Unsung Flyer. Six groups of three to five students each conducted survey, observational, and archival research to support their proposal. Through careful consideration of concerns related to public memory, identity, culture, and materiality, each group created and designed either a monument or memorial fitting the memory of their Unsung Flyer. Groups will be able to explain their designs, rationale, and processess culminating in their final course project for SSC200.

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Course Project

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Cassandra L Secrease

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Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Christopher Anthony Aman, Gregory Joseph Biggio, John Richard Coffey, Christian J Conway, Drake J Dahlinghaus, Engels Imanol Diaz Gomez, Carter Joseph Gans, Kelly Amelia Elizabeth Hines, Katherine Leigh Knapp, Timothy Edward Mahay, William Matthew Manzella, Alyssa Theann Mims, Kirah Noble, Rhyan E Pearson, Alure M Powell-Russell, Shannon Elizabeth Powers, Jane Marie Reiter, Diego Rafael R Rive Lockwood, Catherine V Schindler, Piper J Sereno, Jason A Serrer, Nicholas Robert Shearer, Hugo Adrian Sigona Gonzalez, Nicholas J Skorupski, Taylor Elizabeth Stewart, Allison A Svachula, Joshua Abet Vivas-Rodriguez

UD Public Memory: The Unsung Flyers Project