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Social learning and interaction in regards to students with disabilities, is a crucial aspect towards creating full integration in the classroom. Social integration is a term used to describe âa studentâs full participation in the social interactions of the school community, including their acceptance by others as an integral part of the schoolâs social networkâ (Webster and Carter, 2007, p. 200). Not only students with disabilities, but general education students as well, will benefit from social interactions. Friendships are important and the impact it has helps to redefine social skills, creates support systems, and helps students to learn values (Carter and Hughes, 2005). It is important to find ways to incorporate social interactions into the classroom, so that students with disabilities feel more comfortable and can improve on their social skills.

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Course Project

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Patricia M. Hart

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Teacher Education


Stander Symposium poster


This poster reflects research conducted as part of course project designed to give students experience in the research process.

Research exercise: Social Integration and Implementation in the Classroom