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The Twin Towers neighborhood is a low-income, food insecure community located within Highway 35, Wayne Ave, and Wyoming St. The purpose of this was to assess the various dietary-related environmental and community factors that have impacted the overall health and food access of the Twin Towers community. Some of our objectives of this assessment were to obtain primary and secondary data regarding food and nutrition program participation, safe food and meal availability, safe water availability, and food and nutrition-related supplies availability. Overall, the primary data suggested that a majority of participants walk to get food supplies and obtain their food supplies from Kroger, but some participants also obtain food supplies from Ray’s Food Market. Most participants obtain food from these places due to its location close to home. The data also indicated that all participants own a refrigerator, and a majority of participants own a microwave, hot plate burner, and a crockpot. Also, a majority of participants eat food at home but not at a high frequency. The secondary data suggest low ownership of vehicles, a slight decrease in food and nutrition program participation, a slight decrease in annual median income of Montgomery households, high rates of poverty, high safe water availability, and low levels of accessible healthy food providers. Due to these findings, we recommend addressing the barriers to obtaining healthy food available within the Twin Towers environment.

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Course Project

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Diana Cuy Castellanos

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Health and Sport Science


Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Erica Helene Abbarno, Rachael Harmon, Lauren Marie Murray

Assessment of Dietary-Related Environmental/Community Factors within Twin Towers