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In this project, a platform will be developed to provide a ground to explore the setup of the control system configuration.control system which could be represented as Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) which is an industrial control system which used to monitor the status of final control elements and make a decision based on the input it receives. Control system at the beginning applied to the industrial field by using a local network. The use of local network results in a network that has high potential to be secure from any vandalism. In addition, it makes IT engineer to have the ability to secure and control any instrument by just updating the infected or change that device. However, the need of a system that provide a secure area to be used for industries usages is increased due to the high growth in technology. ICS (industrial cyber security) provide an exchange of data in secure technique. Nowadays industries using a network that is connected to the internet which raises the risk of losing the exchanged data or increase the chance for a person who uses a computer to obtain unauthorized access to data. As a result, the project will focus more on the methods that could apply as protection technique that could be used to secure any exchange in data address by control system application. To achieve the goal several equipment and application used. A CPU which used to host all applications. A virtual box used to set both master (main PLC) and slave used as a SCADA control system.

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Independent Research

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Mohammadjafar Esmaeili

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Engineering Management Systems and Technology


Stander Symposium poster


Presenter: Belal Tanko

Create a platform for an industrial control system to examine the vulnerability of PLC, SCADA and DCS system: