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Test anxiety is a growing concern among college students. According to The American Test Anxiety Association, it is estimated that about 18% of young adults experience moderately high test anxiety. Specifically, at the University of Dayton, the number of students who need special accommodations for their text anxiety increases every year. For this project, resources provided by the University of Dayton were collected and analyzed for their effectiveness and access on campus. After compiling the university’s available options, we concluded that improvements could be made regarding content, accessibility, and awareness. A survey was circulated to UD students, and interviews were conducted with faculty of the Learning Teaching Center and the Counseling Center in order to gain more information on UD’s resources. Resources from other campuses were evaluated and considered in our data collection. Based off of the information we obtained, we created an original brochure for UD students containing a description of test anxiety, its symptoms, and available services for students on campus.

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Course Project

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Ann E Biswas

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Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Madison Natallia Marquart, Alexa Gabrielle Niceley, Nina Alaine Pappan, Olivia Marie Stanforth

Enhancing Knowledge of Test Anxiety Resources at the University of Dayton