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Many people know that sexual assault is a rising issue on college campuses. However, many do not realize that intimate partner violence (IPV) is also a prevalent issue among college-aged individuals. While the University of Dayton provides many resources on sexual assault, we found there is a need for increased awareness specifically of intimate partner violence. Many students are unaware of the signs of IPV and do not know how to effectively intervene as bystanders of these situations. We examined the impact of existing resources for IPV on UD’s campus and compared them to resources on other college campuses. We determined that there is not enough information readily available for UD students regarding IPV in particular. Our project goal was to create a document that informs UD students of the signs of IPV. Furthermore, our document addresses how friends can support and guide each other in unhealthy relationships. We believe that by providing more information on IPV, UD students will be better equipped to handle these situations and will know where they can get help.

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Course Project

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Ann E Biswas

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Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Maria Elizabeth Anderson, Marie Jane Crouchley, Claire Marie Feller

Increasing Awareness of Intimate Partner Violence on UD’s Campus