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Collegiate Recreation professionals at Fort Lewis College design learning for student employees based upon assumptions, undergraduate student feedback, and personal experience. The purpose of this study is to provide collegiate recreation professionals at Fort Lewis College a better understanding of how the student employee experience benefits the personal and professional lives of alumni after they leave the comforts of the campus. This study provides insight into the understanding and application of skills developed throughout a student’s time within collegiate recreation. By utilizing interviews with six student employee alumni of Fort Lewis College Recreational Services, this study uncovers the essence of the student employment experience while highlighting core components that create a transformational experience. The results of this study helps collegiate recreation professionals at Fort Lewis College intentionally design the student employment experience in order to enhance and accentuate the components that make the experience truly transformational.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Graduate Research

Primary Advisor

Graham F Hunter

Primary Advisor's Department

Counselor Education


Stander Symposium poster


Presenter: Cody Gene Christianson

Alumni Perceptions of Collegiate Recreation