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Impression management occurs most often in social interactions in which a person regulates and controls the information they share, usually to present themselves in a positive manner. The desire to make a positive impression on other people can impact the type of information a person shares with others as well as the amount of effort one puts into their physical appearance. Previous research finds that, at peak fertility, women tend to put more effort into their physical appearance than when they are at low fertility, at least in part, to appear more attractive to potential mates. However, failing to appear physically attractive or not trying to make a positive impression on potential mates by looking your best may lead to feelings of shame about one’s efforts at making a positive impression on others. The present research examines the association between fertility and appearance-related shame, and whether that association varies by impression management. It is predicted that women with higher levels of impression management will experience higher appearance-related shame at peak fertility than women lower in impression management.

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Independent Research

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Erin Marie O'Mara

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Stander Symposium poster


Presenters: Nicole Beasley, Kala Marie Jablonski, Fiona Mairin O'Malley

Shame on Me? Examining Impression Management and Appearance-Related Shame Across the Menstrual Cycle