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DNA damage that occurs in bacterial cell DNA can lead to cell death by inhibiting the replication of genetic material. Bacteria, such as Neisseria gonorrhoeae, have developed a method to avoid cell death due to premature termination of DNA replication using a DNA replication restart pathway. Previous research has determined that there are two proteins, PriA and PriB, that play an important roll in the replication restart pathway. Collectively, these enzymes bind to the DNA and facilitate reloading of the replication machinery in order to initiate replication without an origin sequence. The proposed study will look for possible inhibitors to the function of PriA and PriB and will also explore the method through which these inhibitors function. These inhibitors could potentially be developed into novel antibiotics against N. gonorrhoeae.

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Honors Thesis

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Matthew E. Lopper

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Stander Symposium poster

Inhibition of the PriA and PriB Primosome Proteins of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae Replication Restart Pathway.