Katie Nora Mullins, Turkan B. Tashtan, Jon David Wallowicz



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Counterpart's program in the DRC has a goal to increase voter participation. This program started in May of 2015 and functions on a 12-month cycle. The program is specifically focused on the provinces of Kivus, Kasai's, and Katanga because women, youth, and indigenous people are seen as less necessary in the voting process. Counterpart focuses on groups most susceptible to being excluded from the electoral process such as women, youth, people with disabilities, albinos, and Pygmies. Counterpart has combined its efforts with three major CSOs: Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace (CEJP), National Committee of Women and Development (CONAFED), and the Fund for Congolese Women (FFC). About 30 other smaller CSOs work with Counterpart in the DRC to achieve their end goal as well. During this 5-year program, Counterpart has been working to achieve two objectives. The two goals focus on enabling Congolese citizens to make informed voting decisions and participate actively and peacefully in the electoral process. Counterpart believes they can solve the low voter participation problem with the help of local organizations. Something that has helped them is the use of their independent election committee, which has taught citizens how to vote.

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Capstone Project

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Simanti Dasgupta

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Evaluation of program for voter education