Zhenyu Yang



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Adaptive optics (AO), as the technology of compensating the wavefront distortion can significantly improve the performance of existing optical systems. An adaptive optics system is used to correct the wavefront distortion caused by the imperfection of optical elements and environment. It was originally developed for military and astronomy applications to mitigate the adverse effect of wavefront distortions caused by Earthâs atmosphere turbulence. With a closed-loop AO system, distortions caused by the environment can be reduced dramatically. As the technology matures, AO systems can be integrated into a wide variety of optical systems to improve their performance. The goal of this project is to build such an AO system which can be integrated into high-resolution optical microscopy. A Thorlabs Adaptive Optics Kit was set up. A Shack-Hartmann Wavefront sensor, a Deformable Mirror and other necessary optics hardware was combined together on a breadboard, and the control software was also implemented to form the feedback loop.

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Graduate Research

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Qiwen Zhan

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Electro-Optics Graduate Program


Stander Symposium poster

Building and Testing of an Adaptive Optics System for Optical Microscopy