ETHOS We Care Arts Immersion

ETHOS We Care Arts Immersion



Mary Corrigan, Nicole Gonzalez



We Care Arts is a therapy program for adults with disabilities where they can come to make friends and indulge in their favorite art projects ranging from drawing to glass work. As their mission statement reads they "believe in the healing power of creating and producing art that transforms physical, developmental and mental challenges into a future rich with possibilities." Corrigan and Gonzalez worked on a database that includes different disabilities with wide arrays of art projects tailored to each specifically. They also worked on creating a special step stool designed to fix the problems of a specific client. Our goals were to reduce inequalities for those with ranging disabilities and to create projects that improve their life skills and/or motor functions.

Publication Date


Project Designation

Independent Research

Primary Advisor

Kelly Bohrer

Primary Advisor's Department

The ETHOS Center


Stander Symposium project, School of Engineering

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Reduced Inequalities

ETHOS We Care Arts Immersion