Ronald A. Zeszut



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The objective of this Honors Thesis is to assess the potential for algae of the variety Chlorella Vulgaris to be made into a jet fuel by analyzing the mono, di, and triglyceride content. Measuring the amount and type of these molecules in a sample will be done using high temperature gas chromatography. The chromatography will separate the sample based on volatility (e.g. boiling point) of the species present. The sample data, when compared to known materials (e.g. standards), will give information as to the composition of the components which can be used as fuel. In addition, the samples will be further processed using a transesterification process. The glyceride molecules will be broken down into fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) and further analyzed using a GC-MS. The FAME process will allow for a better understanding of the component parts of the glyceride molecules, which in turn will provide a greater understanding of the glyceride molecules as a whole.

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Project Designation

Honors Thesis

Primary Advisor

Richard C. Striebich

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Environmental Engineering Group (Research Institute)


Stander Symposium project

High Temperature Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Chlorella Vulgaris