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This study describes a series of experiments examining the thermal damage of twelve concrete beams reinforced with Basalt and Glass FRP rebars. The 6-in by 6-in by 24-in BFRP/GFRP reinforced beams (single layered, two rebars) were molded with a 1.5-in concrete cover and exposed to heat for 30 minutes using a radiant heater with 54 kW/m² heat flux. Thermocouples were used to measure temperatures across the thickness of the beams. A three-point bending test was conducted 24 hours after heat exposure, and digital image correlation (DIC) system was used to analyze the displacements, strains’ distributions and crack propagations. There was no certain evidence to show that moment capacity reduction would occur after heat exposure under this scenario. A 1.5- in concrete cover is sufficient to protect the FRP rebars, and 30 minutes thermal exposure is recommended as incremental period for future research.

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Independent Research

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Elias Anis Toubia

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Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Stander Symposium project, School of Engineering

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Thermal Impact of BFRP and GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams