Finding Our River

Finding Our River



Rachel Carr, Cassidy Count, Jack Hallagan, Kelly Hines, Baylor Johnson, Zack Jordan, Katherine Kirchner, Troy Lampenfeld, Meaghan Lightfoot, Natalie Merline, Noel Michel, Sammy Miller, Claire Roberts, Carter Spires, Austin Williamson, Casey Willson


This presentation was given live at 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, April 22 via Zoom. A recording of the presentation is included below.

Printed versions of the book are available from the UD Bookstore.


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The River Stewards 2020 cohort will be presenting on the children's book that they have written over the course of the last year. Their book is a socially inclusive story centered around the Great Miami Watershed. This discussion will focus on how the cohort chose to focus on literacy in Dayton for their senior project, the year-long process from writing to printing, and how they identified and collaborated with their community partners. We encourage all those interested in literacy, watershed management, and community organizing to attend.

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Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Leslie W. King

Primary Advisor's Department

Fitz Center for Leadership in Community


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education; Clean Water and Sanitation

Finding Our River