Thomas Sherk, Manasi Jayesh Thakkar


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This is an interactive problem-solving counting game built using Unity 3D. It has scattered arrangements of animals that are harder to count which helps kids to develop different mental images of quantities. It also helps them to learn about number sequences as they select the side which has more number of animals. There are 4 levels in this game and difficulty keeps increasing at every level. The number of animals ranges from 1 to 5 in level 1, level 2 and level 3. In level 1, the animals on each side are of the same type and same size. Example, 5 lions on one side and 3 monkeys on the other side. Level 2 is similar to level 1 except for the fact that the area occupied by the animals on one side is the same as the area occupied by the animals on the other side. For example, 2 elephants on one side and 4 lions on the other side occupy the same area. In level 3, animals on each side are of different type and the area occupied by the animals on both sides is the same. For example, 2 elephants and 1 lion on one side and 1 elephant, 1 giraffe and 2 monkeys on the other side. Level 4 is similar to level 3 but now the number of animals varies from 1 to 9. The animals are always displayed in a random manner, making sure that the same pattern never repeats.

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Project Designation

Graduate Research

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Mary Fuhs, Van Tam Nguyen

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Computer Science


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

Content Randomization for Early Math Education