Holy Suffering: Priests on Radio Venceremos 1981-1982

Holy Suffering: Priests on Radio Venceremos 1981-1982



Therese Sweeney


This presentation was given live via Zoom at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, April 22, 2020.



Radio Venceremos was an underground guerilla radio station in El Salvador during their 12-year civil war (1980-1992). Radio Venceremos served as a counter to government owned media, broadcasting not only news from the front, but also entertainment, and messages from local personalities- such as local parish priests. In this article, themes from speeches and interviews with priests during the first two years of Radio Venceremos. These themes are similar to those employed in other texts associated with Liberation Theology but have a special focus on suffering and sacrifice as a means to achieve salvation. These themes are especially relevant in the Salvadoran context, as it encourage persistence to both citizens and guerilleros during the Civil War.

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Joel Pruce

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Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

Holy Suffering: Priests on Radio Venceremos 1981-1982