Ronald J. Backhaus, Alyssa M. Depaola, David H. Foster, Jessica Messick, Erin L. Patterson, Benjamin M. Schultheis, Christopher V. Wagner, Rachel K. White, Erin M. Yacovoni



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The National Science Foundation ' Research Education for Teachers was comprised of nine students, five engineering and four education, and a large number of professional educators and engineers. The program lasted six weeks and allowed for the students and professionals to explore both STEM curriculum development and engineering design challenges. This program was intended to be an educational experience for everyone involved: the education students were presented with a broader knowledge of the different fields of engineering, and the engineering students gained insight into the standards and development of STEM curriculum. The program was a success from the perspective of participating students, as each found it to be a positive experience which affected their personal educations as they move through their college careers.

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Project Designation

Independent Research

Primary Advisor

Margaret F. Pinnell

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Stander Symposium project

National Science Foundation - Research Education for Teachers and the Experience for Students