Joseph G. Beckett, Anna L. Biesecker-Mast, Andrew Michael Buchanan, Jacob Robert Cogley, Mary C. Connor, Katherine Victoria Evans, Bridget Therese Graham, Tyler Elizabeth Horton, Jessica A. Jenick, Robert C. Kelly, Alexandra Marie Landman, Kayla A. Lenahan, Kaitlin B. Lewis, Jordan N. McCormick, Elena Jean Niese, Samantha Bourelle Niewoehner, Abigail R. Shahady


This poster reflects research conducted as part of a course project designed to give students experience in the research process. Course: ASI 357



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The Junior Chaminade Scholar cohort invites you to our interactive presentation on the role of beauty in our lives. Beauty is a fundamental aspect of creation that we encounter every day in nature, other people, and the creative work of man’s careful stewardship over the Earth. By its very presence, this beauty demands our attention, fills us with energy, and calls us to act. This presentation will focus on how this beauty calls us to spread balance and harmony to areas of the world where environmental and economic injustices systematically deny large portions of the globe their fair share of the material gifts and beauty God bestowed on creation. By failing to address these inequalities in our world, we degrade fellow humans to sub-human living conditions so that others may live in sinful affluence. This is a far cry from the model Christ set for us when he not only came to live among the poor, but also to serve them. Through our collective awakening to beauty’s role in our own lives, we hope to help others realize that we are all called to be artists striving to create a masterpiece with our own lives as we fulfill our roles as stewards in creation.

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Course Project

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John P. McCombe, Angela Ann Zukowski

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Stander Symposium project, Additional Areas

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Climate Action

Chaminade Students Honors Vocation & the Arts: Role of Beauty in Our Lives