Stander Poster Contest: What Does American Democracy Mean to You?


Stander Poster Contest: What Does American Democracy Mean to You?



Julia P. Bagdon, Kyle A. Brun, Abigail Rae Bruns, Zachary T. Hamant, Bridget Angela Helmstetter, Sierra Y. Johnson, Jayda M. Malloy, Yamilet Perez Aragon, Kara G. Posniewski, Erin Marie Rafter, Paul F. Scheeler, Caleb P. Stalder, Anastasia B. Stowers, Emma Elizabeth Walbaum, Jillian Whitson, John M. Wischmeyer




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On January 6 of this year a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building in an effort to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another, the hallmark of American democracy for more than 200 years. In an effort to both reflect upon this immediate past, as well as think deeply about where we go as a democracy, the Conversations on American Democracy Working Group is sponsoring a poster contest during the Stander Symposium.Submissions address the question of What does American democracy mean to you? Students can respond to this question in a variety of ways, including but not restricted to the following: Personal story that reflects your perspective on democracy in America; Meaningful American events, people, places (past and present); Reactions to significant public events (examples: 9/11, January 6 Capitol Breach, 2020 Presidential election); Emotions and feelings associated with American democracy; Ways in which democracy can be improved; and Important actions associated with democratic life (examples: voting, free speech, military enlistment)Most work at Stander is generated through the classroom or in collaboration with a faculty mentor; however, this contest is unique and different. Because this approach differs from traditional Stander Symposium participation, and to encourage participation, there will be a $500 scholarship for Fall 2021 awarded to the top three presentations. Presentations will be judged by a panel of faculty and students for clarity, creativeness, cohesiveness, and use of evidence to support claims.

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Merida Elizabeth Allen, Julius A. Amin, Nicholas J. Cardilino, Jason E. Combs, Amy M. Droege, Heidi E. Gauder, Havana M. Glover, Nancy A. Miller, Bob A. Taft, Joe Michael Valenzano, Sandra A. Yocum

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Stander Poster Contest: What Does American Democracy Mean to You?