Meredith Grenci: Artist Talk

Meredith Grenci: Artist Talk



Meredith R. Grenci



I have always had an innate understanding of and love for color. My appreciation of the human figure came after, when I was introduced to a figure drawing class at the University of Dayton. This fascination, along with developmental experiences, has nourished my artistic curiosities, and led me to focus on the versatile nature of color throughout my figurative pieces.Aiming to explore the dynamic human identity, my body of artwork touches on themes of a modern global pandemic. Focusing on the emotional side of human disposition and likeness, my paintings and sculptures demonstrate how figurative imagery is a testimony to cultural change. Through my creative process, the crossover between the human experience and the tactile nature of fine art is brought to light, and beams from within the finalized piece; the method constitutes ‘bringing the figure out of the darkness.’ This is achieved by using a layering technique with mixed media to build the figure up and out of the ground, the canvas. Adopting the concept of ‘painting’ as a philosophy toward two-dimensional media application has enabled me to communicate more effectively through art. The implementation of a step by step creative process results in multi-dimensional imagery, emphasizing visual depth.Ultimately, by exploring culture and figurative imagery, my body of work becomes a sign of the times and an outlet for storytelling. It serves to render society in an interpretive way, and prompts viewers to develop a response from the heart, rooted in ‘pathos.’

Publication Date


Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Geno Anthony Luketic

Primary Advisor's Department

Art and Design


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

Meredith Grenci: Artist Talk