Perspectives of Pre-service Art Educators

Perspectives of Pre-service Art Educators



Brooke Ann Henry, Hannah Elyse Kelly, Shayna Rauch



In this presentation the authors -- Brooke Henry and Hannah Kelly, together, paint a conceptual portrait of their evolving relationships with art education. This is conducted through the Currere method of research where educators (or pre-service educators) can reconsider the meaning of curriculum. Through this method there have been findings through question and answer sessions as well as personal reflective writing, the conclusion is still being unpacked. The method consists of four steps: the regressive, progressive, analytical, and synthetical. Participating in autoethnographic research, such as the Currere method, reduces the distance between the researcher and subject by making the researcher the subject. It allows for deeper and clearer understanding of the present by outlining the past, present, and future. A third perspective comes from Shayna Rauch, who discusses her own autoethnographic research about incorporating mindfulness into the classroom as a pre-service educator. Initially her research focused solely on teacher mindfulness as a solution to lowering stress in order to improve teacher performance and classroom environment. Rauch practiced daily meditation, brain breaks in between classes, and reflected on the effects in a daily data log including a visual or written rumination. Through the course of the study student mindfulness was incorporated as well, where students engaged in mindful visual journaling. The results of this study found that over time daily meditation lowered stress, increased mental clarity, heightened empathy for students, and improved classroom climate. The improvements from meditation alone were moderate, but through the daily reflections and inclusion of student mindfulness, a greater effect on the classroom environment was seen.

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Capstone Project

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Sarah E. Brashears

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Art and Design


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

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Perspectives of Pre-service Art Educators