Oakwood Inclusion Coalition Project

Oakwood Inclusion Coalition Project



Roberto Luis Alomar, Eman Abdulaziz Alshafai, Brian M. Bollinger, Claire Townsend Brewer, William Carreras-Ortiz, Emily M. Cordonnier, Drake J. Dahlinghaus, Samantha Nicole Johnson, Megan Marie Lewis, Ajay Anton Madlinger, Remy P. McAllister, Kathryn Elizabeth Niekamp, Brendan Michael Pugliese, Lucy Rauker, Madeline Murphy Spicer, Shannon Marie Stanforth



Students in the senior level Graphic Design III course were tasked with creating a logo design and branding for the Oakwood Inclusion Coalition (OIC). Students spent the semester working as independent design firms self-named RPS and Post Meridian. Responsibilities of the two firms entailed not only design work but inter-firm management and extra-firm communications with members of the OIC. While certain roles such as Project Manager or Communications Specialist were maintained, RPS and Post Meridian used their own democratic strategy to include everyone in the creative process. Students began their approach to the OIC’s project by compiling visual inspiration, focusing on key words in the OIC’s mission, developing an appropriate color palette, and collectively creating sketches for a logo that embodied the mission of the OIC. Concept sketches were then edited and further refined to tailor the logo designs to the goals of the OIC. Political climates past, present, and future were considered along with the history of the city of Oakwood and the themes of inclusivity and action in the face of adversity. Upon presenting their logo concepts to the OIC Leadership Team, each firm was directed to move forward with a single logo direction and corresponding branding materials. RPS and Post Meridian are scheduled to present their final logo designs and branding assets to the OIC Leadership Team next week. The OIC will in turn select one firm’s proposal to move forward into production and implementation. The chance to work with a local government on a project with such important implications has been a tremendous experiential learning opportunity for all. Special thanks to Dr. Roger Crum for bringing the OIC project to the senior Graphic Design students in the Department of Art and Design.

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Project Designation

Capstone Project

Primary Advisor

Jayne Matlack Whitaker

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Art and Design


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Reduced Inequalities; Gender Equality

Oakwood Inclusion Coalition Project