Lauren Marie Higgins



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This presentation will focus on how people experiencing domestic violence and the services that serve those people are impacted by COVID-19. I will be explaining the results of my project which were reached through the analysis of reports and articles, interviews with local service providers, and a literature review on the problems that already exist for people experiencing domestic violence. I will give background of domestic violence as an issue, and then provide insight into how COVID could be exasperating these issues. I will discuss how social distancing may be contributing to an increase in domestic violence, and how COVID may be impacting services as well as creating additional barriers to accessing services and impacting services financially. I will also discuss how COVID and racial injustice could be impacting people experiencing domestic violence by preventing them from reporting to police. Throughout the presentation I will be highlight the experiences of people experiencing domestic violence in Dayton and also how services in Dayton are responding to COVID-19. Finally, I will discuss my own conclusions and limitations, and make recommendations for how institutions can protect those experiencing domestic violence during the pandemic.

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Graduate Research

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Jenn Freitag

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Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Equality

The Impact of COVID on Domestic Violence Impact and Services in Dayton and Beyond