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Before this spring semester, the idea of renting a little girl was incomprehensible to me. After spending weeks in POL 300 with Professor Talbott, I learned this was a common occurrence. The focus of my poster is to enlighten you to the horrors of sex trafficking with the help of Linda Smith, the author of Renting Lacy. The book is a call to action and I hope to inspire you the way Linda inspired me. She told a story of America's prostituted children. Children like our friends, younger siblings, and even us. Little girls who like to listen to Taylor Swift and still carry around a stuffed animal, little girls who are raped and paraded around to various men throughout the night. Renting Lacy has a happy and tragic ending. Although, I highly recommend reading this book, I plan to give an in depth summary and analysis of the entire book. I implore you to share your new found knowledge about the true horrors out there and join our blue heart campaign to stop putting humans up for sale.

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Course Project

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Anthony N. Talbott

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Political Science


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Research exercise: A couple 20's for the night: an Analysis of