Living Through and Dealing with Addiction in Families


Living Through and Dealing with Addiction in Families



Amelia Grace Vancamp



Drug Addiction is one of the many leading causes of fatality, mental illness, homelessness, and family tragedy. As much as drug addiction affects an individual, it also affects the family. From being able to see the effects and emotional costs to peers and family members, we can understand drug addiction better and the mental/emotional tolls it inflicts to all involved. The purpose of this study is to educate the public about the hardships families go through when living with someone with addiction. Participants were chosen based on convenience sampling and recommendations from other interviewees. The research explored the accounts of recovering addicts, family members of an addict and those who have known or seen someone’s family go through this family disease. Through an analysis of seven semi-structured interviews, I was able to identify six themes. The six themes seen were different genders instinct approach when trying to help, time and focus not evenly distributed between parents and non-addicted siblings, Families financial strains, lack of trust, and relationships.These findings provide information the community needs to assist families that suffer from this disease.

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Capstone Project

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Laura M. Leming

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Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work


Stander Symposium project, College of Arts and Sciences

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Good Health and Well-Being

Living Through and Dealing with Addiction in Families